Monday, 6 September 2010

New PC Advice, Setup, and Training
From learning how to send email to learning how to understand your computer's file system, At Home Tech makes learning your PC understandable by just about anyone who is willing to learn. Make your computer work harder for you by learning more about it. If you are looking to buy a new PC, let us help you find what PC is best for your needs. Do not let a salesman sell you the "best" computer on the shelf.
Hardware/Software Consultation
Find out what Hardware/Software is going to suit you or your company best. At Home Tech keeps up with the latest trends in PC Computing and is able to share real knowledge with you in order to save you time and money in the long run.
Operating System Upgrades
Still working on Windows 95? Time for an upgrade! Let us show you what WindowsXP can do for you or your company. Now changing your operating system can be worry free with At Home Tech's Data Backup.
Internet Sharing
Share your connection! If you have more than one computer in the house connected to one high speed connection (Cable or DSL), it is possible to share that connection between all of your computers! Why pay for more than one internet service? Call At Home Tech now.
Tired of all the cables strung from room to room. Wireless networking is the answer and At Home Tech make it happen! We offer a wide range of wireless options and can build to fit your budget.
Video Card Upgrades
Do graphic intensive applications slow down your computer? Do the newer video games play like a slideshow on your computer? Sounds like it's time for a Video Card Upgrade from At Home Tech. There are many video card options to choose from, and one is sure to meet your needs. From video gaming to desktop based applications, a good video card will enhance your computing experience visually as well as helping all of your applications run more efficiently.
Home or Office Network Planning, Setup, and Maintenance
Planning a network can be a tricky proposition. From wireless router switches to printers and scanners, At Home Tech has the experience it takes to utilize today's technology to best suit your networking needs. We can make your network, WORK.
Complete System Backups
At Home Tech can secure your information on site, making it easy to clean up systems and enhance performance. Data can be backed up to a number of formats depending on your needs.
Data Transfer and Recovery
Did you lose it? Well it may not all be lost. Call At Home Tech and see if we can help with Data Recovery Services. Call for a quote!
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Data Storage Upgrades
Need more space? Let At Home Tech find you the best Storage Devices for your needs.
Printer Troubleshoot
Can't get your printer to work quite right? Can't get your new printer to work at all? Give At Home Tech a call and let us troubleshoot your printer on location at your home or business.
Share Printers and Files
Do you have 2 computers and one printer? Would you like to print from both of your computers? Would you like to be able to share files easily between both of your computers? At Home Tech is able to provide these services on site in your home or business!
Virus Detection and Removal
A Virus you say? No problem! At Home Tech has the experience it takes to get your computer back to health. We have even been able to save important information 90% of the time when recovering data from a viral outbreak.
B.S.O.D. (Blue Screen of Death!)
The dreaded, Blue Screen of Death! At Home Tech can hunt down and eliminate the root of your PC's B.S.O.D. problems. Be free once and for all of the B.S.O.D.!
DSL/Cable Modem Support
From finding which service is better for you, to actual installation problems, call At Home Tech for experienced help.
Detect and Remove Spyware
At Home Tech can find out who is monitoring you while you are on the internet. More importantly, we can remove the programs that companies use to monitor you while you surf. Check out and be "in the know" about spyware.
Install Hardware
At Home Tech has the experience it takes to install any PC hardware for your personal or business needs. Couple our experience with our ability to install and troubleshoot your new hardware on site and you have a winning combination that you can count on.
Processor Upgrades
Get some extra mileage out of your older computers with a Processor Upgrade from At Home Tech. This type of upgrade can greatly enhance the performance of an older computer and coupled with a Memory Upgrade, your older machines can still perform well with some newer software.
Maintenance Contracts
In house IT not a reality for your small business? At Home Tech offers a wide range of maintenance contracts to serve you. From small networks with two PC's to larger multi server environments we can make sure you are up and running when you need it most, NOW.
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PDA Support
Have a PDA and not sure how to use it for anything but a phone book? Let At Home Tech help you find out what your PDA can do for you! At Home Tech can even help teach you to "sync" your PDA to your Home or Office computer.
The "Do It Yourself" section.
This section is under construction. We will be adding a new section to the At Home Tech website for the "Do It Yourself" types with links to all our favorite shareware and freeware utilities. A lot of these are the tools we use when making service calls.